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    Bacteria Alert

    Agency: Zorba Singapore

    Client: Pepsodent

    Bacteria alert,
    beauty & the beast

    Dive into the microscopic world of bacteria

    Brand Content
    Photo of Pepsodent pack

    This story begins with Pepsodent oral care pivoting from teeth protection to whole mouth protection.

    A deep dive into a realistic world of bacteria with an objective of triggering 2 antagonistic reactions: 'Yewww' and 'Wooow'.

    The campaign

    A visual journey to portrait Pepsodent's claim and RTB.

    bacteria x

    The challenge

    Teeth represent only 20% of the mouth, so how do we show our superiority for the whole mouth protection?

    The answer

    Embarking our audience into a journey into their mouth to make them understand that if bacteria hide everywhere, Pepsodent Complete 8 can kill them all!

    The job

    Writing and producing a science film, along with a TVC adaptation and some precision marketing assets.

    Precision Marketing

    Transforming product variants into media assets

    Woman smiles with white teeth
    CGI image of mouth - whole mouth protection
    CGI representation of bacteria
    Image of Pepsodent Complete 8 packshot
    Reduces 99% bacteria
    Zinc Mineral representation
    CGI representation of bacteria on teeth
    Teeth are only 20% of the mouth
    Similac baby smiling

    Client : Similac

    Similac Formulations

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