Essilor AVA Zorba Paris

work_header.client: Essilor

bringing vision
correction standards
to the next level

Image of a lens with black background

This story begins with the potential of the human eye. With a pioneering vision, Essilor developed AVA.

A B2B communication campaign to anchor Essilor’s positioning as a cutting edge vision expert,
and trigger desirability
on the innovation.

The campaign

A breakthrough journey in the eye vision precision, turning technical features into emotional storytelling.

science x

The challenge

Turning a very complex and technical measurement innovation into a desirable story that expresses a clear end-benefit for both eyecare professionals & end-patients.

The answer

Changing what it means to be accurate by setting new standards for eye prescription. Leaning on a functional benefit to justify 
an emotional reason why.

The job

From the definition of the brand territory & branding to the creation of a 360 campaign, our work also included a film, a Key visual, a brochure, and the development of 360 cross canal assets to nourish editorial, digital and social channels.


A premium visual interpretation of the eye exam and technological breakthrough.


The new logo and visual territory for AVA.


Connecting the brand and professionals.

Thinking 360 to maximize impact and reach

With the ambition to create a new market within the category, strategic and production efforts 
were embodied in an integrated campaign, which core lied in a film and a print campaign. 
Both were enriched by still and animated content to nourish all digital, editorial and CRM channels.

A doctor holds a lens
A zoom into an eye
Eye chart during the eye exam
Photo of a lens with black background
Illustration of the human eye
Picture of the AVA phoropter
Subjective view of a lens during the eye exam
Man looking into the phoropter during an eye exam
Packshot Shiseido Ultimune on red background

work_header.client : Shiseido

Shiseido Ultimune