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New brand launch
A unique magnetic acid

Brand Content
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This story begins with a mysterious magnetic acid, formulated by Neutrogena Labs:
Defining the tone & manner of the brand's scientific territory, and creating the campaign assets. As vibrant, modern and colorful as the brand.

The campaign

An immersive-modern lab, following our KOL through science experiences. Science with a twist.

science x

The challenge

While the brand's RTB is science, the global brand universe did not really convey it. So how do we integrate the science story in the global brand story?

The answer

Working hand-in-hand with both R&D and Marketing teams to tell an authentic science story, with a twist.

The job

Producing a science film and mobile-first assets.

The case study

Bringing science to social media

The audience comes first. Always.
So we did not pull the audience to our science but rather brought the science to them with "snackable" science assets.

A woman smiling holding a Neutrogena Labs pack
Neutrogena Labs pack
An Asian woman posing for Neutrogena
Neutrogena Labs pack
Neutrogena Labs pack
Neutrogena Labs pack
Neutrogena Labs oil
An Asian woman looks into a microscope
Magnetic Power
Neutrogena Labs pack
Illustration of Pepsodent Complete 8 against bacteria

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