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    Agency: Zorba Paris

    Client: Dior

    changing perspective
    on skin pigmentation
    for Asian audiences

    Key visual Dior Snow

    This story begins with an unprecedented innovation preventing Asian skin hyper-pigmentation: Diorsnow.

    A campaign designed to deep-dive and engage the Asian audience into Dior's pigmentation science.

    The campaign

    The balance of Science and Luxury with an Asian touch, to unveil a breakthrough discovery.

    luxury x

    The challenge

    Triggering awareness on a new approach to anti-pigmentation mode-of-action in an engaging yet credible way for Asian audiences. Bringing scientific communication to new standards, scientific yet high-end.

    The answer

    A scientific storytelling driven by an Asian-centric creative concept: unfold the transparency fan. A graphic yet delicate territory surrounding transparency, light and purity, built around the metaphor of the fan to delicately illustrate what Dior technology can do to correct hyper-pigmentation.

    The job

    The global definition of Dior's scientific territory. Creation and production of the Diorsnow full launch pack (graphic guidelines, films, key visuals…)

    Image taken from the Dior Snow film
    Image taken from the Dior Snow film
    Image taken from the Dior Snow film (packshot)
    Dior immune cell melatonine
    No alternate text
    Dior skin surface 3D render
    Dior cell skin coloration
    Dior Melatonine whitening
    Lobby of the Shiseido digital gallery

    Client : Shiseido

    Shiseido Experience

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