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    Agency: Zorba Paris

    Client: -22,7°C

    the sounds of silence
    a musical journey
    into the far North

    Entertaining Formats
    Picture of a man with music instruments in Greenland

    The experimental story of electronic music artist, Molecule, who went to capture the sounds of the far north. From the coldest void arises the beauty of emptiness : -22,7°C.
    A transmedia experience mixing Music, VR, a feature-length documentary and a 360° Live Dome performance to raise awareness on nature’s fragility.

    The trailer

    A transmedia experience powered by Zorba, Arte France, and supported by SxSW

    music x

    The concept

    Electronic music producer Molecule cuts himself off in a hunter village in Greenland. He records sounds of the surrounding arctic to turn them into music. -22.7°C experience offers a sensory and musical immersion into the Arctic circle, based on his adventure.

    The transmedia experience

    At the heart of -22.7°C, the sounds of the polar nature, around which gravitate a feature-length documentary, a docu-fiction in Virtual Reality, and immersive concerts. This hybrid project combines the best of immersive technologies, cinema creation and sound experimentation for a unique adventure.

    The power of the network

    -22,7° is the offspring of a network of partners who were mad enough to reset what it means to experience music: electronic music producer Molecule, Director Jan Kounen, Zorba Productions, and Arte.

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    01. THE MUSIC.

    An original track by electronic music artist molecule.


    Explore the sounds of the polar wild. Reconnect with nature. Feel the harmony.


    A live mapping experience.

    Artist Molecule in Greenland
    Greenland landscape in snow
    Greenland landscape at night
    Music scene
    Artist Molecule in Greenland
    Greenland snow
    Music scene DJ set
    Artist molecule with a microphone in Greenland
    Sunrise in Greenland
    Iceberg in Greenland
    Artist Molecule with music instruments in Greenland
    Key visual Dior Snow

    Client : Dior


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