When consumers celebrate emotion rather than promotion,
brands with purpose become the new standard.
We see this as an opportunity to take storytelling to the next level, and sustainably connect brands and medias
with their audiences.

The new
of storytellers

At Zorba,
We believe in the power of stories.
It’s all about creating a spark.
Telling before selling.
Moving before proving.
We craft entertaining stories
in infinite, limitless forms.


of storytellers.

At Zorba, our strength lies in our diversity:
our many talents constantly challenge themselves
to master the art of talking to audiences.
Together, they craft bold & proprietary creative answers.

Meet our multi-skilled team

Charlène Janiaud


Aleksandra Kurkiewicz

Art Director

Charles Hassler

Founder & Partner

Ambre Chami

Project Manager

Théo Dufay

Art Director

Anna Châtenet

Head of Production

Yohan Virard

Art Director

Balkis Abd Rabbo

Project Manager

Manon Le Hénaff

Key Account Director

Felipe Bernard

Post Producer

Martin Druelle

Haad of Lifescience

Helene Camus

Chief Operating Officer

Nicolas Barissat

Financial Director

Gaétane Rieusset


Alexis Otto

CEO | Partner

Mégane Le Brech

Scientist Marketer

Yannick Ekon

IT manager

Océane Moro

Creative Strategist

Anne-Sophie Viau

CCO | Partner

Guillaume de la Boulaye

Chairman | Partner

Severine Bonchaud


Mattias Wulf


Sandrine Gonclaves

Art Director

Olivier Bangratz

Creative Strategist

Maxime Guibert

Post Production Assistant

Floran Royer

Post Producer

Laureen Blanc

Head of Creative Strategy

Simon Weber

Account Director

Everything we do
is home-made!

Whatever your needs are, there is a Zorba team for you!

Insight & data analysis

Your audience is the root of your project. First we listen, then we talk.

Strategy & storytelling

Your brand is one of a kind: your story should be too. We fit your communication to your brand identity and ambitions.

360° creative & copywriting

There are many ways to tell a story but we believe in the tailor-made approach. We strive to find all the words, concepts & images that fit your brand.

Production & post-production

We produce and post-produce commercial and advertising projects as well as cinema and other innovative formats.

360 Advertising & Content
Entertaining formats

choose us

our values

at Zorba

We are a human-sized company

Small enough for
a human & agile collaboration.
Big enough for
limitless creative services.

We care about our planet

We believe that our industry is compatible
with preserving the environment:
we make sure that every single item
used throughout creating and producing
an advertising campaign is either re-used, recycled or upcycled.

We are committed to our people

People are our priority. We make sure
our coworkers are happy and healthy
so that they can blossom at work.
We encourage all human initiatives
and adapt to everyone's rhythm.